Child Maintenance Costs

Child Maintenance Matters: Martin Vermaak Attorneys is a leading Firm of Family Attorneys with more than a decade of direct experience in Family Law including Child Maintenance matters.

As passionate Family Lawyers, we have been getting increasingly frustrated with the many delays in the Maintenance Courts and the high costs for our Client’s to litigate in these Courts.

We have therefore decided to change the way we do business and to assist our Clients in a way that is easier to predict the cost of litigation in the Maintenance Courts. 

Instead of us working only on an hourly basis, we are charging a reduced hourly rate and a flat fee for certain aspects of the case. This will ensure that Child Maintenance matters get the necessary attention and that parents can afford go to these Courts to get their matters resolved.

This business model is only available to Clients that cannot afford our standard rates and the Firm will have the final decision in seeing if a Client or potential Client qualifies for these very reduced fees.

The reduced rates will be uniform and applicable for all our Attorneys (excluding the Director) irrespective of who the Attorney is but will be depending on the Attorneys availability and case load.

We ask our Client’s upfront to bring the necessary documents with for the first consult and our ongoing aim is to reduce the time that it takes us to prepare by been organised and effective at all times.

Our new reduced Child Maintenance Rates, excluding VAT;

Attorney Hourly Rates: R1000.00;

Candidate Attorneys / Paralegals / Legal Secretaries: R500.00

Section 6 Enquiries (set fee): R4500.00;

Section 10 Enquiry / Trial: R6500.00;

Disbursements will be for the Client’s account;

Travel @ 3.50 per kilometre.

It may happen that a Section 6 or more specifically a Section 10 Enquiry does not proceed or get finalised on a specific day, the same charge will be applicable for every additional Court appearance.

After the first consultation, we ask for a non-refundable retainer fee of R6500.00, which will normally include all of our preparation and the actual Section 6 Enquiry at Court. If the matter is very involved we may be required to do additional preparation at our reduced hourly rate.

Many matters become finalised at this stage of proceedings.

If your charges exceed the retainer fee amount, Clients will be required to pay more, to ensure that we always have money on retainer before we actually do the work. If at this stage, Clients total charges are less than the retainer fee, you will be reimbursed the difference.

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