There’s many times in people’s lives when they know they should make a will, yet they shrug it off and ignore it. They tell themselves they’re not going to die anytime soon, they think they will make a will but a little later, not now.

Years can sometimes go by with them going through the same thought processes, but it does catch up with you in the end.

If you die intestate (without a will) the government takes it all – no matter how much or how little there may be.

Thousands of people believe they don’t have enough money or possessions to make a formal will. They think they have so little, why make a fuss with formalities. The truth is, what they should be thinking is why not.

It’s important to think about your possessions with other people and how they’ll feel about that. Maybe your late uncle left a beautiful Mercedes car to you his beloved niece and a wonderful coin collection to his nephew, but you’ve both have been happier with what the other one got. Of course you felt you couldn’t swap because it would be against your uncle’s wishes.

Perhaps your grandmother left a good sized piece of land near the coast to you and her lovely Gauteng townhouse to your sister. You’re the homemaker and love her house.  Your sister loves the coast and would enjoy building a home for herself on that land. However, how could you swap without feeling awkward?

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, the important thing is to leave each item you have, to the person you know will appreciate it the most and to whom it will bring the happiest moments.

One glitch is sitting with a family member or friend and deciding. You can be persuaded in a direction that you weren’t going in. Much better to sit alone and make a list that you know will be the right decisions for the right people. Then take the list to an Attorney and have a proper will drawn up which you know is legal and binding. Even if you live another twenty odd years after that at least it’s done and you can always have it altered from time to time if you feel the need to.

A Practising Attorney knows how to do these things and seeing a neutral professional will take a good deal of emotion out of the process and help you do it with dignity, thus setting your mind at ease. For the small amount of money the Attorney will charge you to do this it’s worth every cent and when you look at some of your possessions, it will bring you great joy and happiness envisioning them being joyed by the person you have carefully chosen because you know it will bring them pleasure and it will remind them of you in the best possible way. Wills should not be a difficult duty but more of a pleasing process that bring you peace of mind and pleasure to others.