Those Tell Tale Signs

Those Tell Tale Signs

Those Tell Tale Signs

If you’re reading this the thought of Divorce has already entered your mind. It also means you’ve experienced some of these signs:

• Maybe you’ve both developed the habit of going out with your friends occasionally – independent of your Spouse – and now you’ve begun to wonder what your Spouse is doing when they’re not with you.

• You both often walk around when talking on your cell phones – usually because you’re doing something, or to get a better signal. Do you get a sense that with certain cell phone conversations, your Spouse is not walking away from you for any of those reasons?

• You get a very uneasy feeling when recently your Spouse keeps re-assuring you about something that would normally seem arbitrary to both of you.

• You’ve stopped fighting over the things you used to disagree on and get really upset about. They still happen but you just shrug and walk away these days.

• You don’t have companionable and comfortable silences anymore – but you do have silences.

• There are some things your Spouse does that make you feel a little ashamed or leave you feeling a lack of respect.

• Your Spouse doesn’t compliment you, support you or even ask for your opinion on some things.

• Sex has become mechanical – even dutiful – sometimes. You find yourself fantasising about other people.

• When together alone, neither you nor your Spouse pays much or any attention to your appearance: certainly not as you did in the past. You would never greet others looking, or being dressed, like that.

• There are ‘elephants in the room’ where there never were before. Things you want to discuss but can’t; don’t want to discuss and won’t; or things you just simply don’t discuss anymore: either because it’s too awkward, too difficult, or you’re scared of what the truth may reveal.

• Your Spouse displays bouts of anger that cause you anxiety or fear.

• You are kept in the dark about your Spouse’s financial situation and are never quite sure how much they are actually earning or spending.

• You are no longer polite or respectful towards each other.

If you are currently experiencing any, some, or all of the above, then by now you should realise that your marriage is in trouble. Further, if you feel you cannot correct the situation as it’s now gone too far; you’ve probably reached a stage where you need to think about either going for counselling or considering your options and getting some legal advice from Divorce Attorneys.

Naturally, these are just the early stages; those nagging little warning signs that we all try to shrug and dismiss as being part of settling down and become familiar with each other: but they are not. The above 13 scenarios are just some of the tell tale signs of trouble. They all have serious negative downsides which give you feelings of doubt, fear, insecurity, jealousy, rejection and anxiety. Don’t ignore them – they are the early warnings that give you the opportunity to fix what is wrong or face the consequences.