The Secrets to Choosing Your Divorce Attorney

The Secrets to Choosing Your Divorce Attorney

The Secrets to Choosing Your Divorce Attorney

Choosing a Divorce Attorney should be a selection process like no other, and we must be extremely careful which Attorney we instruct.

Many of us have said better the devil you know and taken our divorces to the big law firms that are already handling our other business matters estates, contracts, copyrights, labour, criminal and civil litigious matters.

Some of us prefer not to take our very private matters to firms that service our other legal needs and with good reason. But then, some of us would prefer not to order fish in a steak restaurant and with good reason.

Divorce is an intensely personal matter and you really need a Specialist who:

Handles matters like this all day and everyday;

Keeps up with the research and the changes in that area of law;

Knows their way around the Courts and Court procedures;

Understands your matter and can easily draft and file all the legal documentation required for the many various processes;

Will ensure that the law works for you and not the other way around;

You can talk to and who communicates with you;

You feel you can trust to get the job done;

If you needed an operation on your knee, you wouldnt approach an ear, nose and throat specialist would you?

Clients of ours refugees from other law practices have confided why they switched Attorneys and approached Martin Vermaak Attorneys. In many instances they apparently overheard some employees of the larger law firms who handled other matters for them were gossiping about their divorce action.

Despite all legal practices and their staff being governed by the Law itself and the strictures of the Law Societies of the Northern, Southern, Western or Eastern Provinces, there is little or nothing that can be done about the Candidate Attorneys (Articled Clerks), Paralegals and other non legal staff who enjoy gossiping about your divorce. They find this irresistible because you are already known to them through your other legal matters so it makes for an interesting rumour mill.

Liking your Attorney and trusting your Attorney isnt quite the same thing. Many Attorneys have received Divorce Instructions because their Clients have taken a liking to them not because they can do the job. Whilst its wonderful if you can like the person in whose hands you are temporarily placing your life, the feeling of trust might work better in such a situation.

You dont need to like the Surgeon who performs your operation but you do need to trust him because youll be living with the results for a very long time best you find yourself a Specialist.