Susans Story - Maintenance

Susan Maintenance Story

When my ex husband Dennis divorced me, he also divorced our two daughters. He stopped seeing them, speaking to them or caring about them. For Dennis it seemed they had never existed. He had never been a good husband or father and suddenly me and my daughters felt the sharp sting of rejection: it was like a slap across the face and it hurt us all badly.

An amount of monthly maintenance had been calculated and put in the Court order when we divorced. It was a good amount, but he could have afforded to pay more because he had his own company, but I didn’t complain. We would be able to manage as long as I kept my job.

Making matters worse was that he’d set up house with another woman who had children from another marriage. Those children went to the same school as our daughters. Whilst at the school, either dropping off or picking up my girls; we all saw Dennis – and we know he saw us – but he ignored us; cut us dead; it was as though we didn’t exist. Even worse; he didn’t pay any maintenance.

When I’d tried to talk to Dennis about maintenance he said his business was failing and he couldn’t pay. A mutual friend told me that Dennis’s business was doing well but he was salting money away in different accounts so that he couldn’t be held liable for maintenance.

Without any money coming in from Dennis, I quickly fell behind in payments on everything. We had to cut back quite drastically and eventually I had to take the girls out of their school and place them in a government school. Then I couldn’t afford their schoolbooks, new clothes or shoes and our standard of living dropped even further.

I begged Dennis and he laughed. Told me to forget about money and that even Attorneys couldn’t touch him.  He knew it was out of the question for me to pay for Attorneys; so he knew he was safe.

A friend of mine had been to the Specialist Maintenance Attorneys at Martin Vermaak Attorneys. They had helped her and she was enjoying her life again. She said I should borrow money and go to see them.  I wanted to, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

My daughters and I lost weight - we weren’t eating properly. We lost our self confidence, and we lost hope.  We felt like we’d been cast aside. I was desperately saddened to see the effect it had on the girls. I haunted myself thinking it was entirely my fault. I couldn’t shake the guilt. Depression gripped me. I dreaded the start of each new day.

At work there was a new Director. They held a cheese and wine function to welcome him. I hadn’t been to a social for over a year; the wine went to my head and I stayed too long.  One of the Managers got deep into conversation with me. I don’t remember what he said. He knew about my situation – it was common knowledge at work. I do remember him telling me that he could make thing a lot easier for me financially; he also put his hand on my knee and I didn’t remove it. Suddenly I realised how low I’d fallen. I was considering going to bed with him for money. I was embarrassed to face him but he left the company a few weeks later.

I borrowed money from my friend and went to see the Maintenance Attorneys as she’d suggested. What a difference that made to my life. They found where Dennis was hiding his wealth and it scared him silly.

Nowadays Dennis pays his monthly maintenance without missing a beat. Occasionally he gets a little clever but I go back to the Maintenance Attorneys and they sort him out for me – it’s wonderful. My daughters are restored to their original school and their confidence has returned. I’ve just received a promotion at work which I got through my own efforts and I’m feeling hopeful for the future.

The Maintenance Attorneys are worth every cent because they bring order where there wasn’t any before and they make you feel safe and protected – that’s priceless!