Ready for Divorce?

Ready for Divorce

Ready for Divorce?


There’s a lot to be said about this subject. Divorce is a crucially important decision to make and therefore, actually knowing you’re ready helps a lot.

You tend to think that despite advice from friends and family a Divorce Attorney’s office is the last place you want to be. Have you ever thought why?


Is it because you feel if you see a Divorce Attorney they will compel you to start divorce proceedings immediately?

Is it because you feel by seeking professional advice, you’re admitting defeat?

Or, is it because you can’t face talking about the details with strangers who you think might judge you?

Unfortunately most of us don’t know when we’re ready so we continue with our miserable marriages, and that’s when expensive mistakes are made. Some of those mistakes are extremely costly and we end up paying for them – one way or another – for the rest of our lives. It really isn’t worth all that suffering and heartache we put ourselves through.

Further, the cost doesn’t stop there. The price is also paid by many other people in various ways, to a lesser or larger degree – everybody who’s involved with you pays. So that would include the Spouse; the Children; the Family – i.e. Parents, Siblings, Grandparents, etc; the In-laws; the Friends; the Colleagues; and the list doesn’t stop there. Shop Assistants, Waiters, people who phone you, all get the brunt of your tongue on a bad day; as does anyone with whom you come into contact – think about it and you’ll realise just how true that is.

Feeling guilty yet? Yes, you probably are; and because of the above facts – you do nothing. You don’t want to feel responsible for anyone’s life being upset.... so you make it worse by doing nothing! You don’t go for advice from your Specialist Divorce Attorney. You don’t go for help from a Clinical Psychologist. You don’t go to your Doctor. You tough it out and turn yourself into a perpetual victim! Problem is – everyone knows you’re doing this – you’re living in denial and causing more pain as a result.

To help those of you out there who really have no idea what to look for or how to recognise the signs; what will follow is a series of articles which hopefully will help you by indicating in some small way what to look out for and how to identify whether or not you’re ready for divorce.