Paul's Story - Divorce

Paul Divorce Story

We were in such a hurry to get divorced that we didn’t bother working out the details. Making a decision to do the divorce first and sort out the details later was a big mistake. Looking back, I think we’d reached a stage in our marriage where we found ourselves going in opposite directions and wanting different things. We were tired of pretending. Specialist Divorce Attorneys: who needed them? We were having an Unopposed Divorce and it was going to be friendly.

There’s no question that it was a tough call to make and it probably took us a few years more than it should have to get divorced. She thought we should hang on because of the kids but the negative atmosphere the two of us created had more of an adverse effect on them. I let her have her way because, quite frankly, I selfishly didn’t want everyone to know that we’d made a mistake; so with me it was more of an ego thing. Eventually we couldn’t stay in the marriage any longer without hating each other so we called it quits.

The next mistake we made was instructing an Attorney who’d once done a contract for a friend’s business. We thought all Attorneys were much the same really and this Attorney had rates we could easily afford. We told him to rush the divorce and he did. Once the divorce was over, the real trouble began.

Within a few months of the divorce becoming final The Ex wasn’t happy with the Settlement Agreement that had been made an Order of Court. She got an idea locked into her head that when we split, she’d been cheated out of a lot of money. She was so adamant about her rights having been ignored that she instructed other Attorneys to take action against me to recover the monies that she insisted she’d been caused to forfeit.

Apart from some nagging phone calls and threats from her, the first indication I had of what a serious matter this was going to be was when I was served with some Summons or other through her new Attorneys. At first I was upset at this behaviour and then I got hopping mad and realised I had to take this very seriously. Some friends and colleagues referred me to Specialist Divorce Attorneys Martin Vermaak Attorneys. I said how would that help as I was divorced already but they insisted it was the right move to make.

Martin Vermaak Attorneys are Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys and their Practice is in the same area as my company. I made the appointment. They were amazing and within a very short space of time had dealt with the Opposing Attorneys on this matter with such professionalism that the opposition had no option but to abandon their action! I was impressed.

Soon after that my clearly embittered Ex applied for a Protection Order against me. I couldn’t believe how she could do such a thing – she had absolutely no grounds. Once again, I returned to Martin Vermaak Attorneys who went back into action and succeeded in having the Magistrate throw this matter out of Court after hearing the Argument.

By now I had seen the importance of instructing Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys and was realising that the money I spent on their fees was well invested in my own and my Children’s’ futures.

Can you believe that the Ex had one last try by bringing a Child Maintenance Application for some unspeakable amount! However, this time I had no hesitation in going straight back to my Specialist Divorce Attorneys and letting them sort it out. These guys know their field of Law so comprehensively that they apply the Law in different ways and assist their Clients in a superior fashion because of their expertise. The Child Maintenance Application was therefore dealt with in a co-operative and most proficient manner by Martin Vermaak Attorneys and I was quite happy to agree to pay the amount of Child Maintenance they obtained agreement on – which was considerably less than what the Ex had claimed.

I’ve learned that doing things on the cheap and in a hurry is pure madness and it can result in costing you a lot more. Through the expert advice and superb service I received from these Specialist Divorce Attorneys; I found that their brilliant skill set was an investment rather than an expense and it gave me a great advantage over the opposition.