Neil's Story- Protection

Neil Protection Story

Neil’s Story - Protection Stories

I couldn’t believe it when she punched me in the face and broke my spectacles. Then, when I bent down to pick up my broken glasses she kicked me to the floor in a vicious outburst of temper tantrum. Scrambling to my feet in shock she lashed out at me again and my ear connected with something in her hand I couldn’t see – turned out to be a wooden rolling pin.

She laughed me to scorn when I just stood there staring at her. I wanted to hit her but that was a line I would never cross. I walked out the door and drove off.

My friends had warned me about this and told me to see Divorce Attorneys and get a Protection Order. They said she was going through some hormonal imbalance and was capable of doing major harm to me. Of course I didn’t take their advice, but somehow I was grateful my kids were grown up and married with homes of their own.

We’d been married for over 30 years and grown apart to a certain extent over time but I’d supposed that was natural.

I have a little fast food place which I’d started up just before we got married and it had grown from a corner take out stand into a small eatery. It’s just ten tables where people can eat inside, but I still have the take out. It’s kept us going while the three kids were at school and we’ve been grateful for it. It’s given us expensive holidays away and helped us buy a few properties as investment for our old age. We didn’t have an expensive flashy lifestyle; we were careful with our money and planned ahead.

With the kids in their late teens my wife became restless and began her own small business in wedding planning. I was happy and proud of her that she knew so much about it. I encouraged, and advised her on the business side and she started to become a success.

When her business started to make large profits I suggested she reinvest the profits back into the business and it turned from a small success into an absolute triumph. I could not have been prouder. When she taunted me that her business was better than mine, I ignored it - she was just feeling good about herself. However, when I continued to give her advice about her business (which I’d always done to help make it the success it had become), she snapped at me and told me she didn’t need my old fashioned input; I was behind the times and no fun at all.

She started going out with her ‘friends’ more often. It didn’t occur to me some of them were men because I never met any of them. She spent a fortune on clothes and make up and dressed like a teenager – even our own daughter wouldn’t dress as young as that. Sometimes when she went out she looked like mutton dressed up as lamb and I was sad that she was making a fool of herself and wouldn’t listen to reason. My friends saw her out partying occasionally and told me I should wake up and see the Divorce Attorneys because she was making a mockery of our marriage. I was shocked.

Neither of us were oil paintings. We were ordinary people who’d done well at business and weren’t pre-occupied with our appearances. I thought we were comfortable and loved each other as we were. We had a good home, a good life: a grandchild had arrived: I thought life was OK and we were happy.

But my wife was acting strangely: huge amounts of money disappeared on her impulse spending. She went really crazy and had breast implants and a face lift. Then she started her private life of partying. She made it clear she didn’t want to be a grandmother and ignored our daughter and grandchild, saying they made her feel old. I tried to reason with her but she lost her temper and threw my cell phone against the wall. Still I tried, for the sake of the family, to calm her down but she  became so hysterical that she threw a heavy glass ashtray at my chest and broke a couple of my ribs.

“Divorce Attorneys” screamed my friends and family. “Get this crazy woman out of your life” they nagged. Still I ignored them because although she was acting like a mad woman, deep inside, I still loved her.

One day I came home from work and she’d packed my clothes and told me to get out. Again I tried to reason with her and ended up with her telling me that she wanted a divorce and she wasn’t prepared to divide our possessions. Her businesses would stay hers, but she wanted half of mine. We argued and that’s when she punched me in the face.

I drove off and went to visit my kids at their respective homes. Even our kids said I should go to the Divorce Attorneys. They said they were embarrassed and ashamed of her. This time I listened.

The very next day I made an appointment with Specialist Divorce Attorney Martin Vermaak. I told him I still didn’t want to divorce my wife and instead, he suggested we get a Protection Order.

All the time I was waiting for him to laugh or make some personal comment or judge me in some way; but he never did – not once. He made me feel comfortable and normal and was quite concerned for my safety and my business. He didn’t push me into anything or try to persuade me to do something I felt uncomfortable about.

I now have my Protection Order and I’m beginning to feel like a valued person again. A good deal of this can be attributed to the way Martin Vermaak Attorneys handled my situation and how they made me feel normal. Even my kids came with me for one consultation and agreed I was probably getting the best legal advice from these Specialist Divorce Attorneys.

It’s only now, as I’m putting my life back together, that I realise how badly my wife affected me and how much damage she did. You don’t realise what’s happening to you until it’s nearly too late to pull out. I’d even begun to believe I was useless and worthless!

Now, I’m considering divorce, and I know that Martin Vermaak Attorneys will look after me, my kids and my business when that happens.