Matthews Story - Post Divorce

Matthews Story Post Divorce

When we divorced it was unfortunate that I was in the process of losing my business. It had been an extremely lucrative business but owing to my business partner’s mishandling of a few financial situations, the business seemed to be slipping through our fingers.

Nevertheless, I decided that rather than plead imminent poverty and pay next to nothing, I would be honourable about the whole Maintenance matter and pay the required amount. This amount was huge and I just hoped and prayed I could do something to salvage the business so I could afford the maintenance. I dearly loved my daughter and treasured our time together. The last thing I wanted was something happening to spoil that. So I signed the documents and the divorce went through. My Divorce Attorneys weren’t specialists. They weren’t brilliant but were adequate for my needs – or so I thought.

Almost straight after that the trouble started. I was on a downhill slide businesswise and I did lose my Company. I found I was paying maintenance I could ill afford and although I didn’t resent it, I certainly couldn’t afford it. I was worried that it would eventually cause bitterness and that it could well destroy me financially. So I had to strategise.

Being a successful businessman most of my life had taught me that if you want something done expertly, then you bring in the experts. Simply put, don’t try to do everything yourself; delegate to the specialists and get a good job well done.

I sought out the services of Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys, Martin Vermaak. They were familiar with this type of situation and understood immediately my circumstances.
I wanted to pay the maintenance but I didn’t want to be financially reduced to a pauper because of the expense.

After they’d looked carefully into my financial position they had a much better grasp of my predicament and realised that this called for emergency action with a different type of settlement.

Because they are Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys they had a far superior and in depth knowledge of Maintenance Law and how it can be interpreted and applied. I felt so secure and confident with them that it inspired complete trust in me. I provided them with as much information as I possibly could and left them to apply their expertise.

They came up with the idea that I should offer my Ex a lump sum settlement. The amount was over several million rands which was a bit of a shock to me at first. However, when I took the time to better analyse their strategy I saw that it made absolute sense because, with the other arrangement of paying Maintenance for a great number of years.

To my surprise my Ex accepted the offer. I’ll never know whether it was the idea of investing such a large lump sum, or the thought that I might never be able to come up with the monthly Maintenance and thus she would lose out completely. Whatever it was, she took the offer and we finalised the matter.

I’m now in the process of starting up another business and who knows where that will lead. At least I’m not suffocating with the fear of not being able to provide for my daughter and Ex. I am enjoying a good relationship with my daughter and assisting her with all the usual fatherly things; and I feel good about myself and having been enabled to do the honourable thing.

Who would have thought that by leaving it to Legal Experts in Family and Maintenance Law, I got a better business deal than I was able to put together and superior legal advice. I just wish I’d instructed them to handle my divorce from the beginning.