How to Turn Your Opposed Divorce Into an Unopposed Divorce

How to Turn Your Opposed Divorce Into an Unopposed Divorce

The factor that often can make the difference between an expensive Opposed and a much less costly Unopposed Divorce is the difference between an Attorney and a Specialist Divorce Attorney.

There are several facts that are accepted throughout the world:

               Don’t order fish in a steak house
               Don’t expect a GP to do the job of a Specialist
               You get what you pay for

Get the Right Specialist Attorneys
Just because Attorneys are willing to take your instruction in a matter doesn’t mean they are experts in that field; it just means they are entitled and willing to handle the matter.

Some Attorneys are handling Criminal, Contractual, and Labour matters. They are probably good Attorneys but, it doesn’t mean they are Specialist Attorneys, they are the GPs of the legal profession and although they do a great job, they will need to do extra research to handle your Divorce or Family Law matter with the expertise you require. This could amount to some trial and error for which, with respect, you will pay.

Other Attorneys may seem more appealing because they charge almost half of the hourly rate of Specialist Attorneys. Sadly, it could take them four times longer to get a result and, it still might not be the result you were hoping for. In other words, by trying to cut costs, you end up paying much more for a disappointing result.

Don’t Drag It Out
In other words, an Opposed Divorce can remain as such for a very long time. Partly because the two Spouses are so busy disagreeing with each other that they don’t realise they are sending the cost of the divorce spiralling out of affordability’s reach. Also, partly because of the constant interaction between the two sets of Attorneys who perhaps don’t understand how to ‘cut to the chase’ and get the matter settled. This gives Attorneys a ‘bad rap’ for impossibly high legal fees for something less than a miracle.

Martin Vermaak Attorneys have a team of Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys. They can often turn an expensive Opposed Divorce into a less costly Unopposed Divorce because of their expertise in these matters. This is the Law they practice all day and every day, week in and year out and they are the people you need to seek out. Call us today for a consult and see how a Specialist can turn things around to the best of your advantage.