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High Ranking Employee turns to Invoice Fraud Attorneys handling Forensic Investigations

Without a twinge of conscience, a long-standing employee successfully defrauded her company over several years. This mature, professional woman – a highly efficient employee of an Insurance Brokerage House - became creative with invoices.

One of the duties of this well-trusted Accounts Manager was to receive, investigate and pass for payment by the Company, invoices for services rendered by other companies. She devised a way of creating templates for some of the legitimate invoices that she processed on a regular basis. She was of the opinion that these would not raise any alarm and therefore would not be questioned.

She then opened five different banking accounts, with herself as the sole signatory, and proceeded to bill the Insurance Company for work that had not been done. This went on undetected for several years and probably would have continued for longer if a simple accounts query hadn’t put an end to it.

A regular service provider had a small but genuine query about his Company’s account. When the Insurance Brokerage looked into it, they soon discovered there were other anomalies to be investigated.

Martin Vermaak was called in to clear up the mystery and all was revealed.

Confronted with all the evidence that we gathered, the woman was advised by her Defence Advocate to plead guilty.  She was found guilty on 16 charges of fraud, convicted and ordered to pay back an amount of almost R300 000.00.

It’s an interesting point to note that her reason for turning to crime was to fund her serious gambling addiction!

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