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Elmarie Divorce Story

I was a trophy bride and I knew it but I didn’t care. Arthur was rich; owned several businesses; had some very affluent business people and celebrities as friends; and he enjoyed all the good things in life. Better yet, he was attentive; liked to show me off and took me with him to most places so he could show me off to all his people. He bought me expensive things and spoiled me. It didn’t matter that he was almost thirty years older than me; in some ways that was actually preferable.

He’d divorced previous wives but I didn’t think we would ever end up at the Divorce Attorneys. I am young and extremely attractive. I have a hot body and most guys think I’m sexy. I knew I was quite a catch and he was lucky to get me – even at twice the price.

I also have quite a brain but nobody cared about that.

In my own family I was not the number one child. I had always wanted to be my parents’ favourite but in my efforts to seek their adoration I’d been headstrong, and not listened to their advice. Consequently they tutted in disapproval when they spoke of me; and raised their eyebrows at my attention seeking activities. Although they were always protective and loving, they treated us siblings equally. For me this was never enough. I wanted more. Because I didn’t feel important enough when I was with them, I looked outside the family for the attention I craved.

Arthur was perfect. He doted on me and made me feel like a princess. Not only did I get all his attention but also his friends and family gathered round me and asked me questions about myself; they spent time with me, and made me feel important and special in the way I craved.

Once again my family raised their eyebrows - especially at the age difference and Arthur’s previous divorces. I told them there would be no Divorce Attorneys for us, and I flaunted him in everyone’s faces - just as he did with me. Looking back I don’t suppose there was much love lost between the two of us. We were both being superficial and materialistic and maybe, because of that, we actually deserved each other.

Immediately after our marriage he showered me with gifts – obscenely expensive gifts: almost always in front of friends. It seemed the bigger the gift, the bigger the audience. It got to the point where when we were alone and he said he had something for me, I knew it would be small and not very expensive.

Barely six months into the marriage and he started with his controlling and domineering ways. He had an almost uncontainable temper. Without warning he would explode over the slightest thing. We were at a social with some of my own young friends and we were laughing and joking the way friends do when they’ve had too much to drink. I suppose I made a couple of jokes at his expense and everyone laughed except him. He was charming and polite and everyone seemed to adore him and didn’t mind at all when he explained that we had to leave early. We got home and he was abusive and reminded me of what he’d done for me and what he’d given me. He said I was disrespectful and ungrateful, and that he’d divorced one of his wives for less.

Shortly after that I was feeling quite ill but he insisted I went with him to some big formal social event. I told him to go without me. He got very angry and said me he owned me and I would go with him to the event and be grateful; I could be ill afterwards. He even pulled a gown out of my dressing room and threw it at me. He said lots of people dreamed of having a life like mine. Naturally I had to go.

If being social was what he wanted, I decided I would do his bidding. After that I insisted attending every social occasion and made a point of spending time with ‘his people’. This was not what he wanted. One evening when we returned home, after I had spent time laughing and joking with a group of his male business associates, he struck me full in the face and called me a whore. He had hit and punched me on several occasions prior to this but somehow, this was different. His face was full of menace; it was there and then I decided to divorce him. I told him so and he said I would never do that because I needed his money. He also threatened to take back all his gifts if I started a divorce action against him.

The next day I made an appointment for a consultation with Martin Vermaak Attorneys in Bryanston. They are Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys. I chose Specialists because I knew I was in for a fight and that Arthur would use his vast resources to ruin me and my future.

My friends and family said I didn’t have a prayer. They were sure I would have to give everything back and be reduced to poverty status. I told them if Arthur wanted a fight he would get one. I was blessed with beauty and brains and now I was going to use my brain power to beat Arthur at his own game.

It was amazing how my Specialist Divorce Attorneys handled this matter. I supplied them with all the evidence they asked for, and the action began. In very little time, Arthur realised he had a huge fight on his hands. He also grasped the fact that I was going to keep all his expensive gifts and he would not be able to crush, destroy or derail me.

My Specialist Divorce Attorneys made various Applications in the High Court – such as a Rule 43 Application and Urgent Applications. In all of these Applications, judgement was granted in my favour. These victories forced Arthur and his powerful Attorneys to reconsider their strategy and certainly caused a settlement.

I’m free of Arthur now and leading a better, happier life. I’ve learned that Specialists do things better. Maybe one day I’ll get married again but I won’t be a trophy bride. One thing I do know is that the first thing I’ll do is see my Specialist Divorce Attorneys and have them arrange an Ante Nuptial Contract for me and my intended.

If there are any young women out there in a position like mine where you’re being abused; learn from my mistakes and get yourself expert help from Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys. It makes all the difference between a difficult divorce and a future of sorts, and a tactical divorce with a properly provided for future in which you can be comfortable and happy.