Duncan Divorce Story

Duncan Divorce Story

My second wife took me to the cleaners as they say. If it wasn’t for having a really skilled Divorce and Family Law Specialist Attorney on my side, I would have lost everything.

I thought it was supposed to be better the second time around. People are more mature and up front with each other at this age – or so I thought. But my second wife was simply after my money and although I saw it, I shrugged it off and told myself she wasn’t like that.

My first wife went after my money and came out of the divorce very well off! I had several businesses and was a wealthy young man when I proposed to her. I remember at the time every one telling me that I should go to Attorneys for an Antenuptial Contract but she was horrified. She said I clearly didn’t love her if I made her sign one of those contracts. She was very upset and said it was a sign of my mistrust of her.

Naturally, we were married In Community of Property and I denied her nothing just to show how much I trusted her. That was a big mistake because several years later when she divorced me to be with her lover, she had salted away quite a lot of my assets – which she’d had ample time to do whilst she’d sat at home attending to her own individual needs from my bank accounts!

When she left she took everything with her including my self-esteem and confidence. After the Divorce I sat in debt and ruin and wondered what love was all about.

It took me years to rebuild my life and it kept me very busy. I got so involved with building up new businesses that I forgot there was a social and domestic side to life.

One day a woman walked into my life and reminded me how lonely I was. By that time I was well into my forties and feeling that life was speeding up and passing me by. This woman had such an effect on me that I felt I was missing out on important things that only she could give me.  She made me feel young again and powerful and manly and I fell for it hook, line and sinker! What an idiot I became! I couldn’t get enough of her! Within a few months of knowing her she had me wrapped around her little finger – which by then was the only finger I hadn’t bought an expensive ring for. 

She’d pull on her expensively elegant leather gloves, snap her fingers, and I would dance around her like a little puppy trying to please its mistress. That’s how bad it was! I think I was so besotted with her that I would have done anything to keep her in my life.

She had grown up children from her previous marriages (she’d divorced twice in the past) and before long I had loaned them substantial amounts of money – we’re talking in the region of several hundred thousand rand to each of the three of them – because, after all, I was the father I had never been in my life before and she made me feel that it made me more of a family man. It seemed like my real life was just beginning!

Having learned my lesson, when I asked her to marry me I insisted on an Antenuptial Contract and her reaction was worse than that of my first wife. It was as though I’d stabbed her in the heart. She wouldn’t see me or speak to me for weeks. After much pleading and grovelling on my part, when she finally consented to take me back and naturally, like the sucker I’ve always been, we got married In Community of Property!

By the end of the first ten years of married life, I had paid for her to open a beauty salon and paid the salaries of her many useless staff while she went on shopping sprees and the business failed. I paid all the resultant debts from the failed business and continued to support her in the manner to which she aspired to become accustomed.

Her grown up children were a never ending debt for me as I kept on handing out huge financial donations and they kept overspending and waiting for me to make further deposits into their accounts. I’d become everyone’s personal ATM and my businesses were suffering because of it.

She wrote a letter to me which she left lying around for me to find. It said she was unhappy because all I did was hand out money and I was never there for her and never treated her as a human being. I couldn’t understand what she meant because I was always there for her, always helping her when she needed me, always indulging her, and helping her children when she asked me to help them. What else did she want from me I wondered? I was going to confront her about it and then I realised that would cause a fight so my best answer was to stop the flow of money.

I put my foot down and said no to any requests for money. At first they didn’t believe me but after a while they realised I was serious. What a massive reaction that brought! It was the opposite of what the wife wanted and she was so angry she decided she would divorce me and sought the advice of Attorneys.

I did some research to find a really good Divorce Attorney and went to see Martin Vermaak Attorneys who are well known Divorce and Family Law Specialist Attorneys. I was so happy I did.

My Divorce Attorney Specialists were extremely strategic and planned very carefully around my situation. They were able to save my businesses and retrieve enough of my losses to enable me to sustain myself through what could have been a really bleak time. They also swiftly and efficiently completed my divorce and I was really relieved to find that none of the threats that my Spouse had made were ever carried out.

I’m certain I’ll never get married again, but… I have an entirely new respect for Antenuptial Contracts, and Specialist Divorce and Family Law Attorneys, and especially for Martin Vermaak Attorneys