Discover Your Options

Discover Your Options

Consult with Specialist Divorce Attorneys

The final step in the process of knowing you’re Ready for Divorce is to make an appointment for a consult with Divorce Attorneys. If you can, see Attorneys who specialise in Divorce and Family Law for this is where you will obtain the best possible advice.

Listening to Family, Friends and Colleagues about their divorces can only do so much for you. It can give you some idea of how they felt about it, how it affected them and what their perceptions were.

However, it cannot advise or assist you with your own matter. Legislation changes and what happened then in all probability will not happen now.

When you have to make a decision about a surgical procedure you may need to undergo; or property you’re thinking of buying; or whatever your circumstance calls for; you ‘shop around’ and get as many facts and figures as possible from the experts in that field, to assist you with your decision making.

All you’re actually doing is getting that information. Nothing happens other than meeting with Specialists and getting the data. The operation doesn’t suddenly take place; nor does the property you’ve been looking at, suddenly get transferred into your name. Nothing happens except an exchange of facts.

It’s exactly the same with divorce. You have a consultation with Specialist Divorce Attorneys to discover how the Law applies itself to your particular situation; and you leave sufficiently enlightened to enable you to make an informed decision about the way forward with the divorce matter and, indeed, the rest of your life.

You’re not just enquiring how much the divorce will cost. Very few Attorneys – if any – can actually give you a price for a whole divorce because it depends entirely on what’s involved and how quickly the two Spouses reach an amicable agreement.

The real enlightenment comes from understanding that not only do you have options, but exactly what those options are and how each alternative could affect you and your children.

A divorce isn’t fast food – it’s something that has long lasting effects on you and your family. Plans and provisions must be made for the future as, it will affect the rest of your lives.

When you consult with the Divorce Attorney, take with you a list of questions about things that are giving you anxiety. Check with this Specialist everything you need to know about the after effects of divorce and make notes of the answers so that you have all your new information written down for future reference. Be sure you understand what your legal rights are and also about the costs involved.

Once you get home, before you talk to anyone else, take out all your lists with the questions and answers and read through them again to be sure you are still of the same opinion. Then, read through all the information you’ve just received from your Specialist Divorce Attorney.

Now, and only now, are you finally in a position to answer the question: Are You Ready for Divorce?