Dads and Divorce

Dads and Divorce

From the moment the disbelief of divorce lurks in the shadows of a marriage, doubting Dads often ‘give up’ on their rights to their Minor Children as they already believe the gossip mill hype that surrounds them about Mothers and Children. Why check with Divorce Lawyers when they already know….?

They have been hearing all their lives about Mothers automatically getting custody of the Children; about how the Courts always favour the Mothers; how the Mothers have all the power and can stop the Fathers from seeing their Children; how the Fathers are made to pay for the rest of their lives; and about how the Mothers are capable of turning the Children against their Fathers. They are brainwashed into believing this and are fearful that it might be true.Why spend money on Divorce Lawyers then they’re about to face lifetime debt…?

When Fathers are facing unwanted Divorces or become Divorcing Dads these things are uppermost in their minds and, where their Children are concerned,can reduce them to the ‘deer in headlights’ frozen situation of doing nothing lest any action they take causes ill feeling from their Children or put unwanted distance between them. Why go to Divorce Lawyers and risk their Children hearing about it…?

Law Changes

The fact is that the Law changes to accommodate evolution. Over the decades the parenting situation and its needs have altered, and the Law has provided for the different circumstances. Now all you have to do is find a Divorce Lawyer, preferably a Specialist, who will interpret and apply the Law to your best advantage.

More and more Fathers are stepping forward and taking the legal route. Many of them are gaining primary residence of their Minor Children; many are enjoying a superior parenting plan; and many are signing realistic settlement agreements and reasonable maintenance orders. That’s a good reason to instruct Divorce Lawyers!

Things have changed and slowly but surely, and the past societal bias towards Fathers is falling away. More Fathers are being perceived as the better parent to provide for the needs of the Minor Children. That is not to say that ‘the Law now favours the Fathers’ as that is not true. The Law favours neither the Mothers nor the Fathers: it’s all about serving the best interests of the Minor Children. Ask your Divorce Lawyers!

Divorce is a daily word that’s spoken openly because it’s a fact of our modern, fast paced life. Nowadays, it’s not about the horror of enduring a Divorce, it’s about the details of division. It’s not about if it will happen, because you can’t stop it. It’s about accepting the inevitable and instructing the best Divorce Lawyer you can find – a Specialist if possible.

You can go through the self-torture and guilt of what happened to cause the Divorce. You can blame your ‘manipulative Spouse’. You can nurse your wounded ego, and let the emotional roller coaster take you on the most depressing ride of your life. If you think you are powerless, you will be. If you don’t stand up for your rights you won’t be granted any.Alternatively, you can stand up for your rights and deal with it by instructing a Divorce Lawyer to negotiate the best path through the Divorce for you and the Minor Children.

Words to the Wise

  • Making every effort to put emotions aside and co-operate with your Spouse as the more you fight the more money it costs.

  • Keep a record – a paper trail – of everything: it could be the difference between success and failure

  • Don’t let doubt alter your established parenting skills; be confident and consistent and provide for the bests interests of the Minor Children, as always

  • Find a Divorce Lawyer who gives you the confidence to keep fighting for your Children

  • Do nothing you are not prepared to admit to your Divorce Lawyers