Brenda's Story - Maintenance

Brenda Maintenance Story

When we had no option but to head for divorce, he was so deeply into his affair with the other woman that he promised me everything just to get the divorce through without complications. Thinking back I couldn’t understand why he was being so kind and considerate. On the table was an offer of a good monthly maintenance for each of the two children until they turned 18 years old. It was more than I expected and I think I was so surprised because during our marriage he had been fairly tight with his money. Now all I had to do was consent and sign.

Of course I agreed – who wouldn’t? The divorce went through without delay, the maintenance payments began to arrive and, although I faced life as a single person again, at least good provision had been made for my children.

A few months later I heard she was pregnant and once the baby arrived, the maintenance payments stopped. I was devastated and the children suffered terribly.

My family and friends got involved with their advice and tried pulling me in several different directions; the general consensus from them was to give up and walk away. They said I’d never get the maintenance and it would cost me more than it was worth in legal fees. I had nightmares about how to put the children through school and ensure they led a full and normal stress free childhood. My guilt at having let them down was enormous and I considered seeing a Psychologist to get me back on track.  Suddenly life was an effort and everything was a problem and I realised that the only possible answer to my dilemma was to do the one thing everyone had cautioned me about.

I consulted with the Specialist Divorce and Family Law Team of Martin Vermaak Attorneys - and they had other ideas. My ex husband had declared lack of funds owing to the fact that he was self employed and ‘his business wasn’t doing so well as he had expected’. Martin Vermaak’s Forensic Experts were not convinced and engaged in an extensive investigation into the case. Over a period of time they examined every fact and figure used by my ex as an excuse for non payment. They tirelessly interviewed witnesses until they had all the facts. The picture they came up with was very different to the one my ex had painted. To cut a long story very short, they did an amazing job and discovered that not only could he afford it, he could easily afford it but just didn’t want to.

Thanks to forensics and the tenacity of Martin Vermaak Attorneys it took a little while but it was well worth it because, the maintenance payments are in full and on time and my children are once again enjoying the security of being properly provided for.