Ashleigh's Story - Divorce

Ashleigh Divorce Story

We’d been engaged for a year and everything was great. He was handsome, well educated with good prospects in business; he was also quite well off and people said he was a catch. My elderly parents had been in business but it hadn’t really interested me. I intended to be a great homemaker, a wonderful wife and an adoring mother. A few weeks before the wedding, he placed an Ante Nuptial Contract in front of me and asked me to sign. I was shocked. When I read it I saw it was an Ante Nuptial without Accrual and I was angry. I saw red, I felt rage and I tore up the document and called off the wedding. It hurt me that he’d actually gone to Divorce Lawyers and had this drawn up. Was he preparing for divorce already? I was offended.

For days I ignored his attempts to contact me. Then I came home one afternoon and found him sitting outside my flat – he looked terrible. I couldn’t bear to see him in such pain. Somehow, suddenly I’d signed the ANC, we were reunited and the wedding took place as scheduled. He told me we’d never need Divorce Lawyers: we were together forever.

We were happy enough I suppose; though it wasn’t how I’d pictured it. Over the next six years we had two great children who kept me very busy and gradually he spend more and more time at the office. We grew apart. He said we were simply settling down and I supposed he was right.

Eventually I was doing everything alone or with the kids. We never saw him – he was always at work or on business trips or in meetings or whatever. He was married to his career. Again, I put up with it as I believed he was climbing the corporate ladder to the top: but being a good provider was really no substitute for time spent and shared with a husband and father.

In the seventh year I got a little job. I didn’t need the money and I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I needed to find a hobby or something to do with my spare time. One of the mothers I met at my children’s’ school had started up a business the previous year doing corporate gifts and branding and was in need of help. Why not? I thought, and months later I was getting good at my job and beginning to have some fun. I was also coming up with new ideas that my friendly and helpful ‘Boss’ was really pleased about and often utilised. I didn’t have a lot of time for friends but those I had started muttering to me about my going to see Specialist Divorce Lawyers – just to find out where I stood. I told them not to be foolish: without him I was finished. The ANC without Accrual said so.

Another year passed and I’d made a very tidy sum of money which I’d put away in a savings account thinking that I’d decide what to do with it one day. My Boss and I had become great friends by now. She suggested that I ‘bought in’ to a partnership in the business. I had nothing better to do with my money so I became a partner and enjoyed my work even more.

My husband was drinking heavily and it was putting a huge strain on our marriage and the way the kids reacted to him. I mentioned it and he became unreasonably belligerent. He said I should be grateful to him and show him respect. He shouted that I should check with Divorce Lawyers because if he chose to leave me, we were married ANC without Accrual so I’d be penniless without any hope of survival and he’d take the children away from me. I thought that was a bit strange – he probably couldn’t even remember their names! He was right of course, he was the one to whom I owed everything; I tried to modify my ways. Without him, I’d be on the streets.

The following year my Boss said she and the family were moving to Australia. Until then I hadn’t taken my importance in the business that seriously. It was about five times larger than when I’d joined her and we were making some real money. She suggested I buy her out and become sole owner. So that’s what I did. Before she left she said I didn’t realise how well off I’d become and I should stop taking nonsense from my husband and consider seeing Specialist Divorce Lawyers. She reckoned the kids and I would be much better off without him. I was miserable to see her go, but we stayed in touch and I continued to make money; employed a few staff members and did even more and better business.

At that stage I’m not sure what else my husband had become involved with but I had a suspicion he was now into recreational drugs. Naturally, and in protection of the children who were growing fast and catching onto adult things a lot faster, I approached him and demanded an explanation. Once again, he exploded and raised his hand to me. He told me I would be destroyed and he wouldn’t give a cent to help me. I picked myself up from the floor and realised my nose and mouth were bleeding. There was nothing I could do about him. I would have to tolerate him just as he was or I’d be homeless.

Driving to a customer’s business about a week later, my old car started playing up again. I’d been nursing it along for years and my ex Boss had kept telling me to buy a new one and I’d kept laughing at her joke and doing nothing. It was embarrassing to park at customers’ businesses as far away from the reception as possible and then walk past all the expensive cars parked there. This time, I stopped at a car showroom and enquired about prices. Suddenly I realised that I had enough money to buy several brand new expensive cars. It was like coming out of a dream and realising the sun would be shining for a very long time.

That afternoon I drove home in a different car to my worn out old faithful. When the children had gone to bed, I waited up for my wayward drunken husband. I asked him why he was drinking and doing drugs. He was feeling sorry for himself and this time told me a sad story about the stress of business and him not making the money he thought he would. One last time I felt sorry for him and told him I was making enough for both of us and then some. I said he should stop what he was doing and work with me. This news didn’t have the effect I was hoping for. Instead of being happy and relieved, he hit me hard; laughed at me and ridiculed me and then told me he would destroy me if I didn’t show respect. I realised that his scorn and bad behaviour didn’t hurt anymore.

Next morning I was with the Specialist Divorce Lawyers of Martin Vermaak. They’d successfully handled a few nasty divorces for some of my customers and that’s how I’d heard about them.

When my husband finally sobered up and realised he was being divorced and cut off without a cent, he tried to threaten me with the ANC without Accrual story and then realised it was entirely in my favour and I was within my rights. He pleaded with me saying we were penniless and now it was my turn to pay the bills. This time I didn’t give in or feel sorry for him. I paid for the divorce and it was worth every cent. When my kids grow up and get married, I’ll send them to the Specialist Divorce Lawyers at Martin Vermaak so they can also protect themselves against the unknown future with Ante Nuptial Contracts. Mine is one of the most important documents I ever signed!