High Net Worth Individuals and Divorce

Are you a High Net Worth Individual? Divorces can be devastating! There are so many issues that both Parties need to consider as in who gets what when splitting the assets. You need to be in agreement about the Minor Children, the Maintenance, the Parenting Plan, visitation rights, the estate, the cars, the holiday home, the family pets, and so on… the list goes on and can become quite a steep path to climb when businesses, trusts funds and the like are involved.

For most people it’s not something to embark upon unassisted. However, if you’re in business and have an estate running into the R20m, R50m or more ball park, then you certainly have neither the time nor the inclination to handle your own divorce. Further still there isn’t much point in going to a general Attorney i.e. one that deals with a bit of everything from conveyancing to criminal law. A seriously sized estate needs an Attorney who is seriously committed to that field of the Law.

It’s a well-known fact amongst Divorce Attorneys that high net worth divorces provide a far higher potential for errors for both Parties that can result in the worst, long lasting mistakes.

When the Parties are pre-occupied with making executive decisions, chairing Boards, controlling Organisations and International interests, they need a Specialist Divorce Attorney to assist them through the process of divorce – especially when it’s opposed.

Among some of the greatest mistakes made are:

Listening to Well Meaning Friends or Family:  maybe they do know of people who scored highly in certain situations, but all divorce situations are different; although people mean well, the Divorcing Parties really need to listen to a Specialist Divorce Attorney who fully understands the Law and how to apply it best to each individual situation.

Agreeing to Anything to Get the Divorce Finished: Many people try to do this and end up giving away fortunes unnecessarily: or agreeing to things that end up with lasting distressing situations for that Spouse. It isn’t worth allowing one’s self to be emotionally blackmailed when a Specialist Divorce Attorney can steer you through the process with possibly more equity than you had hoped for.

Looking for the Toughest Lawyer: Looking for the toughest Lawyer might not be so advisable as looking for the best Lawyer for you and your particular situation.  A tough Lawyer that just wants to fight might not be as good for you as a Specialist Divorce Lawyer who is capable of getting you the best Settlement Agreement you could hope for, without the expensive long drawn out Courtroom fighting.

A Specialist Divorce Attorney is the very person to go to with a High Net worth Divorce. It’s your Spouse who is after a big pay out – not them. They are there to guide you through each separate step of the way and prepare you in advance for what is to come. They will show you all your options, discuss strategy with you and they will also ensure that your future is taken into consideration and catered for during this procedure. Whilst at the same time, keeping everything as normal and uninterrupted as possible for you to continue with your businesses.

Martin Vermaak Divorce and Family Law Attorneys work together with Forensic Accountants, and many different Experts, and can call in whatever assistance or Service Providers you may need to assist in the course of a comprehensive and complex divorce.


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