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About Martin Vermaak Attorneys

Martin Vermaak Attorneys is a Premier South African Divorce Law Firm.

We deal with the full range of Divorce and Family Law related matters. We do assist some of our clients with their commercial and criminal law concerns. However, our main area of specialisation is in Divorce and Family Law.

We have handled thousands of divorces over nearly two decades of practice. Many of these cases were complicated, high-value divorces.

We make the law accessible and understandable, and we use modern technology and innovative thinking to provide cost-efficient solutions for our clients’ needs.

We represent clients from all over the world. We have been involved in many matters that relate to international divorce matters. Similarly, we have acted for many clients that refer to contact and primary care issues where the parents live in different countries.

What makes us different, and why should you choose us?

Martin practised as an Advocate before becoming an Attorney and has a right of audience to appear in all of the Higher Courts of South Africa.

These are the Courts where Attorneys would usually brief an Advocate for their cases. As an Attorney, with right of audience in the High Court, and using that right regularly brings together the role of an Attorney and an Advocate to represent our clients in totality from start to finish with their matter.

The consistency in handling the matter is one of the main benefits of having a right of audience. The cost saving to our clients is another significant benefit.

Anja, our other Attorney, has the right of audience in the lower Courts. She handles the majority of her Lower Court work, thereby saving the additional fees of briefing both an Attorney and an Advocate.

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Divorce and Family Law

Martin Vermaak Attorneys is known as a top South African Divorce Law Firm and we have handled thousands of divorces over the years. We specialise in large and complex divorce cases, including those involving Private Companies, Trusts, International/hidden assets and investments, but we also assist Clients with Unopposed Divorces. Family Law means Divorce, Maintenance, Contact, Adoption, Domestic Violence, etc.

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Our Divorce Attorneys are trial Lawyers and we regularly appear in the different Courts throughout South Africa - from Johannesburg and Pretoria to Durban and Cape Town Magistrate's Courts and High Courts

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